Stuck downloading categories

I went to start a new auction today, and when I go to change the category off a duplicated auction, the software is stuck in “downloading categories”. I tried to create a new auction from scratch and the same thing happens. Using latest version of GS and on OS Sierra. Please advise.


does it help if you refresh your eBay token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Regards, Kristian

Did that, no help. It’s just stuck. Eventually I get a red exclamation mark, and when clicked I get a “verifying” message but nothing updates.

Maybe removing all previously downloaded category data solves this issue. Here is what to do:

  1. Open GaragSale
  2. Choose “Help” Menu > “Open Library Folder”
  3. Quit GarageSale
  4. Remove the folder “Category Data” from the window opened in step 2
  5. Restart GarageSale and try again

Did this help?

That did it, very convenient access through the Help menu. Thank you!

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