Subscription Pop Up for GarageSale 9.7a5 (1644)

I am under the yearly license (paid until Dec. I believe) and this popped up?

Why is that, I am using

GarageSale 9.7a5 (1644) is currently the newest version available.

There is no option to just type in my license info.

Thanks for any help here

GarageSale Pro
$149.90 per year
Your plan renews on December 15, 2024.

Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 2.22.36 PM

Did this to me as well on 9.7a3. Paul had to fix it on their end. Try restarting GS and your computer a couple times. The Microsoft solution!

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How do I switch from monthly to yearly?

I pay mine under the Pro tab in preferences.

Try to re-sign in with your Pro account. You can do this e.g. in the GarageSale preferences > Pro.

You can do this by cancelling your monthly subscription, and once the paid period has ended you re-subscribe with the yearly option.

Thanks Kristian

That worked for me Kristian

FYI, I had this same issue trying to list items with 9.7. Yearly Pro subscriber. Checking for updates, and installing 9.7.1 fixed it for me. How did this bug make it into the production version? I never installed any alpha/beta version [assuming a3 and a5 mentioned in this support thread are alpha versions?]

GS asked me to buy a subscription today after updating to 9.7.1 a few days ago. Signing back in fixed the problem.

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