Suddenly, I'm unlicensed?

I was about to add a new listing when GarageSale said I could only add 3 items, because I was “unlicensed.” The About section confirms my software is now “unlicensed.” This is after I upgraded to 9.0.2. I have a license key from 2019, but it doesn’t work. I don’t recall being asked to pay for the upgrade. Did I miss something?

I think the new pricing schedule kicked in with the update to 8.0 2 years ago. I’ve been paying the yearly subscription for 3 years.

GS worked last month; I don’t recall if I updated before or after April 30th. Shouldn’t GS have asked for money when I upgraded from 8 to 9? I dont subscribe to Pro, but paid what I thought was a one-time fee. I’m not saying I won’t pay, but I wasn’t asked and I didn’t find any place on the website for paying an upgrade fee — just new users and upgrading to a Pro subscription.

Looks like you got the test program.
Try this page to get your licence

Here is the page with pricing schedule.

Actually, no, to get the upgrade rate ($19.99) versus the new-purchase price of $39.99, I had to click on “Buy LIcense” within the program. I’d already upgraded to version 9. I didn’t realize I’d have to pay for the upgrade, or that I was “buying” a license (since I’d already bought one). There wasn’t a way on the pages referenced above to release v.9 on an upgrade, at least not that I could find. Thanks for your help.


please contact our support about this. If you are eligible for a free upgrade then you just get the free license (and GarageSale 9 will download it automatically). If you really purchased a you will recognize it as you have to enter your CC info.

You can always downgrade to GarageSale 8.


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