Suggested Search Option - no sale for 30 days

Hi Guys

I have a number of longstanding listings and I am looking for a way to search through them to find those that have previously had sales; but haven’t had one for the last 30 days or so.

I can’t seem to find a way to do that using the smart group options.

Is it something that can be considered for a future build?

A search along the lines of listed x days ago and no sale for y days would work.



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The GS guys had said they were going to add this in the future but it hasn’t shown up yet. 30 DAYS, 60 DAYS, AND 90 DAYS. I agree that this would be a nice addition to the program going forward

This also would be a nice addition to the smart group list. How many carts have the item in them? The red “2 PEOPLE HAVE THIS IN THEIR CART” in my screen shot. I hope it is something that GS can get from ebay. If I click listings one by one ebay will show it and “5 VIEWED IN THE LAST 24 HOURS” It would be nice to know before ending the listing if someone is considering a purchase.

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