Suggestion for ending listing from eBay

if I am not wrong, all listings ended through eBay which have the auto-restart enabled are automatically restarted, is it right?
Well, I have recently came through an interesting tool called easystore for starting selling on Delcampe. This service do synching between eBay and Delcampe shops. My problem is that when a listing ends on Delcampe, it is automatically ended also on eBay (as it should work), but since all my listing are using the auto-restart feature I suppose they would be relisted immediately. What about overtaking this problem fixing this lack of the auto-restart? Maybe it is not possible, but a sort of calculation of this tipe:

  1. listing ends
  2. time left is
    2a. > 0 s
    2b. = 0 s
    3a. auto-restart is disabled
    3b. auto-restart is not disabled and the listing restarts

Of course this is just a suggestion. I think this would be useful also without talking about Delcampe, I usually would stop a listing from eBay, but I cannot do this since I use auto-restart, so if I am not at home and I have to access via app on phone… what can I do??
Pleased to hear any other idea or comment.


As I supposed, sold and closed listings have been relisted by GS. It’s a pain, I think that a function like the one I suggested would be much rational and useful…

I had another idea that maybe works better: if the listing is closed because “item is no more available” the auto-restart is disabled… @ilja what do you think about this? :slight_smile:

What you are proposing sounds like the default behavior of GarageSale: If a listing has run out of inventory, it is no longer auto-relisted – unless you have the “Ignore Inventory” box set.

No no @ilja I mean something different, if you manually expire a listing from eBay and not through GS, if the listing has auto-restart checked, it is relisted immediately also if the “Ignore Inventory” is not checked

Using easystore it automatically ends eBay listing when they are sold on others markets, but in this way all listings are auto-relisted because the relisting feature is checked (“Ignore Inventory” is never marked)

Thanks. Now I understand.

Right now, if the eBay tells GarageSale that a listing has ended, GarageSale checks if there quantity left, and if so relists it, if auto-relist is enabled.

So at this point, GarageSale’s auto-relist feature is not compatible with other tools, that end the listing at some point. A solution would be if the other tool would set the quantity to zero, but I’m not sure if that is supported by eBay for non-store items.

Hello @ilja ,
I see… I don’t think that other tools can set the quantity to zero, they just expire the listing marking it as “no more available” (which theoretically would mean that quantity is zero, but it it is not practically).
In my opinion (but I don’t know if it is possible) it would be better if GS checked left time instead of left quantity (or both is better again, but with combinations of this type: time=0 & quantity>0 == the item went unsold so relisting / time>0 & quantity=0 == item went sold so no relisting / time>0 & quantity>0 == it means some tools expired the listing or it was expire through eBay, so no relisting ). Of course this is just an idea, not sure it is possible, but considering that in a future not so far I will need (and not only me I suppose) to sync eBay + personal website + other markets , such a feature would be essentials. Everything born from GS is sent to eBay and then to other tools… but it should also coming back without such problems…

@ilja any suggestion about this? Do you think it will be possible to make auto-restart feature compatible with expiring from ebay or other tools and not through GS?

It’s possible, but it’s sounds like lot of work. You scenario sounds pretty specific, and I doubt many users would benefit from making GarageSale work with such third-party services.

On the other, if you’d use Good-Till-Canceld listings instead of GarageSale auto-relist feature, you should already be able to use your other third-party service.

Thanks for your reply @ilja
Well, GTC is one of the first think to avoid on eBay if you sell old goods (I mean not industrial products), this is not me that say this :sweat_smile: and it’s absolutely true. This is because your GTC listings literally go buried in the million of similar or identical items and excluding some cases no one will find them without doing a very specific research, and people in the most % of cases looks newly listed listings, not using search engine. This is why I changed all my listing from GTC to 30-days with auto-restart and now I have to say I noticed a remarkable increasing of sales, most of them with items that were (as said) buried somewhere and all buyers ignored. Of course GTC is much more easy, just list and forgot it… this is why all big sellers use it (always speaking about old goods sales).
Anyway, just going on beyond this overthinking, I have another practical trouble. I am planning to open a site-shop which syncs with eBay and I think it is a quite diffuse need, so not so specific. I still did not talk with programmer but I am sure this problem will persist because any expiring not through GS causes this troubles (if a good is sold on the site and not on eBay).
The last but not the least, I cannot stop listings from the phone!! This is (another) very serious limit… and it is much less specific then others…
Hope this will make sense…

Thank you

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