Suggestion for titles

Hello! could ask for you to please consider this… This way you could use the code for showing specifics and rewrite titles without having to bulk edit via script…

So basically that custom title you would also be able to change the main title (or have the option to also )

All the best

I am not sure if i have understood your request correctly: Basically you’d like to have an option to fill the listing title based on the text that you have entered inside the “Custom Title” design property? Did I get this correctly?

If yes, I think that is a very specific request but maybe it’s something that can be done with the script functionality.

Regards, Kristian

Hey @kristian - yeah so thought is it to be able to write the title from the attributes without having to run scripts each time… would be great i think, but as you said it is specific… im jsut used to being able to do that with the other softwarers im moving over from.

All the bst

I would like to modify titles when a bulk of listings is selected without selecting the specific listings. In other words, changing tiles keeping all listings selected from the main list view. I know this is not exactly what asked by @pkjack , but I think it would be very useful also for other users.

How would you prevent those listings from being the same title if all listings were selected? Ebay doesn’t allow duplicate listings that are the same

Hi @rlmartin ,
maybe I did not explain correctly. I mean modifying each single title while multiple listings are selected. I don’t mean same titles for all selected listings. It would be nice if GS could let us modify titles one by one like we can do with price, category, … while a list of listings is showed in the main view.
Let me know if you get what I mean to say.

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