Suggestions for "Import from my eBay...", GarageSale space on my Hard Drive

Hello GarageSale users and developers !
I would like to propose some suggestions for the GS’s “import from my eBay…” tool.

Here is my issue :
I have 40k GarageSale listings that are also on eBay France and 320k eBay listings on all the other eBay market places due to the automatic translation of the french ones. Those 40k GarageSale listings are taking a lot of space on my hard drive, and I am planning to double that number until the end of the year. So I was thinking about deleting some GS listings that are already on eBay. However, I need them sometimes to do some tasks that are quicker and simpler with GS (ending and relisting some very old eBay listings for appearing as new on eBay, bulk modifications of listings, etc…).

So I was thinking about some new features for GS:

  • 1st suggestion : With “Import from my eBay…” : a possibility to do an advanced research (title, SKU, eBay site, etc) before the loading of all the eBay listings, and the possibility to hide all the inactive listings. Currently, I tried to import all my eBay listings that are on eBay France but I found only 7500 listings that were on all the market places and only 359 were on eBay France. Some were unsold and inactive listings that I wasn’t interested about.
  • 2de suggestion : A cloud-based GS with some listings stored on the cloud and some locally (for the Pro users).

The 1st suggestion will be very useful to me and to many other users. So I hope to see it soon on GS.

Thank you for reading me and thanks a lot for GarageSale that is a very great software wich I couldn’t do without. :wink:


I would agree on finding a specific listing to download instead of a search that gets all that a user has available. For me it takes 5 minutes to get the list that I then have to search through to get the 1 that I am looking for.

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  • There’s are already some filter options available on the bottom left corner of the import panel, which should help you in filtering listings by state:


  • Here is a screenshot of version 8.1 (currently in development), that adds an “eBay Site” column. Would that address your use case sufficiently?
  • Sorry, given how complex our synching code is, and how long it took us to get it working, I don’t think we’ll start working on such a significant change request anytime soon. We probably need to start from scratch again to support selective synching.

Thank you @ilja for your answer.

  • I have seen the filter options on the bottom left corner of the import panel. They are useful. But could you add the option “Hide the inactive listings” in it. I want to hide the listings that are unsold and ended and it seems impossible with the current option choices.

  • For the 8.1 release, the “eBay Site” column would help a lot :wink:. But I have so much listings on eBay that the best thing (and @rlmartin agrees with me) would be to have the possibility before showing up all my eBay listing to filter listings according to SKU, eBay Site, etc (like what we can do with smart folders) to load only the listings I am interested about. Indeed, it takes me 5 to 10 minutes to load all my listings (360k listings for all eBay sites, due to automatic translation from the eBay’s service called WebInterpret), and I am not even sure they are all showing up.

  • For the 2de suggestion, I understand the complexity of the task and I understand it is not your priority for the moment. :+1:

To sum up: The issue was how to manage GS’s space on your computer when you have thousands of listings on it. The solution I found is to delete from GS all the listings that are already on eBay and to import them again when you need it with “Import from my eBay”. What I suggest is to add the possibility to pre-filter the listings according to SKU, eBay Site (etc) before loading the listings to gain time and to find only the listings we are interested about.

The complaint for me is I have to wait 5 minutes for GS to import all available listings before filtering the options on the bottom left corner before I can go through the list to pick to ones I want to download. HOWEVER, today a new wrinkle came up. It downloads active, running listings as a “not listed” listing. In the past it brought in as active running listings. I restarted GS and still did the same. The listing shows as not active with a dotted button and not the blue or green button for active. I am running GS7.0.21

Added an “Hide Ended” option. Hit me up if you want access to an early Alpha of GS 8.1.

Sorry, the eBay API call to download your listings does only come with rudimentary filters, so GarageSale needs to download all your listings in order to filter them. There’s no way to let eBay do the filtering first and only download the matched items. :man_shrugging:

Also, GarageSale 8 is pulling your listings with 4 threads simultaneously, which (if I recall correctly) is the maximum number of allowed connections from one computer to the eBay API.

Interestingly, SKU and category ID are the only filters eBay offers. Just need a way to integrated those in the UI prior to start downloading. :thinking:

If I remember correctly, that happens when the listings you are importing is already in GarageSale’s library somewhere. GarageSale tries to avoid having multiple versions of a listings with the same item ID in its library, so the second listing does not get the information about the running listing.

Maybe a search for the itemID turns up the duplicate listings.

Ha. You are right. I already had it downloaded in another folder. Good to know. Thanks.

Thanks for the “Hide Ended” option. :+1: I will wait for the official release of GS 8.1 since it’s not an urgent issue for now.
Ok for your other remark :ok_hand:. Too bad we can’t do a better filtering with eBay, however the SKU filter is helpful if you find a simple way to add it.
Thanks for your time.

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