Summary emails?

Can we receive summary emails like we were receiving from the Yahoo forum? I don’t see any options for this new forum.

There is a setting hidden in the account Preference on the new site, under the topic Email.

It reads “When you don’t visit the site, send an email digest of what’s new:” and given an option for weekly delivery.

I haven’t used it, but it at least sounds like it should do the trick.

OK, thanks! I finally tracked it down under the button named Avatar. Perhaps that button name could be changed to Preferences?

I have mine set for daily but I have never received one email from this forum. I was just about to ask how we get emails like we do today in the yahoo groups, but then I saw this question was already asked so I decided to add my finding here.


could it have to do with this:

When you don’t visit the site, send an email digest of what’s new:”

Maybe you have visited the forum and that’s why you don’t receive mails?
Just an idea.

Regards, Kristian

Hi, no, it wasn’t that I was visiting the site. I just visited the site today after asking that question 11 days ago and noticed there was a reply but I had not received an email, nor had i received a daily summary. I traced the problem to my email address. On the yahoo site, I must have had the emails being forwarded from yahoo to my main email address which is a hotmail id. I changed my email address on this forum, so hopefully this will resolve my issue. Thanks!