Support for Consignment Businesses

I have used Garage Sale for a number of years and generally find it very quick and user friendly. The one thing however that it really lacks is support for my consignment business. There’s not really a good way to keep client’s items separate unless I inject some sort of code into the titles of each listing, as eBay doesn’t really have much support for consignment businesses either.

I would really like it if you had a feature that allowed me to tag listings with a client’s name so that I could track them better during the listing process. And if you created a way to streamline the receipt process after their items sell (or don’t sell), I would definitely sign-up for that service (and would consider paying a monthly fee to support it). Thanks!

Chris DiGiovanna
Trader Chris Consignments

If with consignment you mean like an auction, you can already do it using the name of buyer as SKU under “advanced” in tab or writing it into private comment, again under advanced tab. I did it with SKU and worked fine…

Well, hallelujah!

Is there any way to generate a sales report by SKU either through Garage Sale or eBay?

Sure, the SKU in ebay is under “personal note” (I don’t know how it is called in your ebay site), in GS the SKU is showed also in the order section for each sold items and you can set it also in the report section. Hope this will help.

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