Symbol "&" Interferes with Select All in Preview Mode

Weird little bug in 7.0.21. Not sure if it applies to 8.

Type several paragraphs with empty lines between them.

In the last paragraph include the “&” symbol such as with the statement “As shown in in images 7 & 8".

Press Command + A to select all.

The last sparagraph will not be selected and highlighted in light blue. Remove “&” from last sentence and now Command + A selects all.

On the other hand if you add a additional paragraphs after the one with “&” and hit Command + A then paragraph with “&” will be selected but no paragraphs after it.

Does it make a difference if you switch to Editor mode and then back to Preview mode before selecting cmd-a ?

Regards, Kristian

Yes, if you click on the Editor mode and then switch back to Preview it then selects all the text correctly.

As an additional test I changed the “&” to “and” and back to “&” again - it selected the text correctly after switching from Editor to Preview mode.

I then added a line return, another paragraph with a second “&”, a line return and another paragraph. I then pressed Command + A to select all. It did not select the last two paragraphs and line returns until I toggles the tabs as before.

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