Synch and auto-restarted eBay listings

I turned on GS Sync yesterday on one single desktop machine, and aside from a small complaint that “Synch failed” near the end, it also said it succeeded. Hoping that’s good enough?

This morning, I have a handful of listings which are being auto-relisted by eBay. It looks like the two which have gone through this process so far are not getting updated by GS to show the replacements. In the Main view, I see the two Finished gray listings, though when I view either of these Live, it’s clear they are “still” running on eBay.

The process of replacement worked OK when I was not synching listings. Is it necessary, when synching, to cancel listings manually (or with GS) before they re-list automatically on the eBay servers?

I definitely don’t want to have to download listing info from the eBay site, since I use a lot of User Properties for inventory control, and AFAIK those are not uploaded to eBay.

Hang on! Well this is interesting: the problem seems to be on the eBay server side this morning?

Listings are apparently either “still running” or “re-listed” on the eBay server (they are still shown as active in the browser), but have not been updated in the eBay Seller database. My listing count is down three, and I cannot find the re-listed items in my Store or Active Listings views in Seller Control Panel.

So I’ll check the eBay technical issues page first.

So: yes, ignore this. There is an ongoing issue in which re-listed listings are not updated in Selling Manager or other parts of the eBay US database for about an hour.

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