Synching or not synching, that is the question

Hello :grin:
I am starting feeling the real need to synch between two computers my GS database. I will shortly start to work on 2 different Mac and I’d like to put all data together. Is there any news on the synching feature? If it won’t be here soon, how can I set another computer? I mean, if I give an iMac to an employee (new database, just a template-listing to list new items) and he produces new active listings, how can I put them into my computer and into each correct folder? Export and then import will work? @ilja have you got any ace in the pack??

Thank you for any (hopefully positive) info!!

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I’m wondering the same thing.

Syncing is stil on track for GS 8. We hope to start public beta testing quite soon, but synching might not be available in the first few betas.

This approach should work for now.

@ilja I still did not understand what you mean when you say GS 8… now we are still with 7.0, so 8 sounds something very far… could you give us some more info, please?

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