Syncing and ordering list view

how is it coming with the cloud syncing for multiple computers? Still on track for GS8?

Also I’m still having an issue and wonder if it will ever been fixed.
At some point years ago I switched from thumbnail view into list view and clicked on the ‘title’ column head which changed the order of listings from the order in which I listed to alphabetical.
There is no option for switching it back to the order in which the listings were created, matching the group order on the left. So I’ve been stuck in alphabetical order making it hard to find listings in the thumbnail view so I’m stuck using search. I work on hundreds of listings for different product categories at once. I do all the product photography then go back later for the basics, dimensions, categories. Then later for the item description. Then come back through pricing. So basically I could work a lot faster if I could scroll through photos to find listings of the groups of things that I listed together if they were still together. This is long winded, but hope you see my point. Would a reinstall fix this?

Hi awj,

regarding the sort order:
Can you please give the “Reset Overview Sort Order” command from the “View” menu a try?

Regards, Kristian

Wonderful, thank you!

any clarity yet on the other question?


Still on the track, yes :wink:

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