Syncing order issue between 2 Macs

I understand from reading a post about version 8beta that orders are not synced between Macs. I am running 9.1.1 on two Macs [on different networks and in geographically different locations]. My laptop was turned off for 9 months while my Mac mini was kept running and the few orders I got during my 9 month absence [family helped run my business while I took a long hike in the woods], are only on the Mac mini and not on my laptop. I have a Pro account, and was able to get all my listings in sync. I am curious how to get the orders on my laptop.

On both computers I went into the prefs and refreshed my eBay access token and also updated the account details. I’ve clicked on “update all orders” from the Orders menu. Nothing will download the past orders that the Mac mini has.

Thanks for any tips y’all may have.

It’s worth a try to restart your Mac and then refresh your eBay access tokens once again. “Update All Orders” afterwards again.

If this won’t help, my guess is that the orders in question are too old and no longer available on eBay / provided by the eBay API.

In doing bookwork, my wife has found that Ebay dumps records at the 90 day mark so a csv for past transactions needs to be gotten before then.

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The most recent missing order is from late October - Oct 24 - and it doesn’t seem to want to “fetch” from eBay. I did reboot the Mac before I did the refreshing of tokens and ‘update all orders’.

FYI that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I still show one order from Oct 24, 2022, when I login to my eBay account, but it does not show up in GS9.1.1 no matter how many times I refresh the eBay tokens and update orders. :frowning:

I would have to guess that what ever GS does to mark a sale as downloaded to prevent duplicates is preventing the download from happening.

Except that I do have “duplicates” from prior orders. Meaning: both Macs show the same orders up until February when I turned off my laptop for 9 months to go hiking. And I got sales yesterday and the day before and they show up on both the laptop and the Mac mini.

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