Templates from GS 6 not ported over to GS 7

Had 23 listings ready to go in 6 when I found the network error issue was preventing me from listing as I needed to upgrade. In doing so, those 23 template listings that I spent a good 2 hours getting ready have disappeared after the upgrade. Why would this be the case? So what was meant to be a time saver in using the software has turned into a frustrating waste of time…I didn’t get a welcome screen or an option to import my listings from 6 to 7…Not a great start

OK after researching this issue, have discovered a thread whereby renaming the container and restarting GS7 I do get the welcome screen and am able to start the import process. I say start because the importing quickly moved to about 25% complete on the progress bar…and has stayed there for the last hour…how long should this take? I only have a database of several hundred old items (templates and archived auctions) and 23 current templates

UPDATE: I tried again and get an error saying that it couldn’t communicate with a helper application…what does that mean?

UPDATE 2: So it appears that after reading other similar woes, that nothing can be done to remedy the above…I have now forked out for an upgrade that is essentially no good to me. Will be seeking a refund

Sorry to hear about your troubles. There’s a long-standing issue, where the system doesn’t GarageSale 7 access to access GarageSale 6 data, which we are unable to fix.

The workaround is to use the Export and Import commands to move listings from GS6 to GS7. (You can select several listings at once with these commands).

Thank you for your input…As GS7 overwrote GS 6, where do I find my old database from GS6?

GS 7 only reads from your GS6 and creates a new library at a different location. Your GS6 library is untouched by the import process.

Depending on whether you purchase GS 6 from the Mac App Store or directly from us, your library should be either a

<your accounts home directory>/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale


<your accounts home directory>/Library/Application Support/GarageSale

GS 7 library is at:

<your accounts home directory>/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale

Neither of the two locations suggested allows me to access any database…
I can get to…
my account home directory>/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale/Data/Library…and here there are many subfolders none of which are able to be imported as they are greyed out when trying to access any of them. The same applies to drilling down to the Application Support pathway.
Just to go one step back…I’m trying to do all of this after removing the GS7 container and starting from a blank database and choosing NOT to import. I then go to File>Import>Import Listings…then pointing to one of the two locations originally suggested by you…this is the correct method right? Please confirm

PS Does all of the above assume that I had originally exported listings/templates out of GS6 in the first instance? Apart from posting to Ebay, there was no other exporting. And my new templates were still yet to be sent anywhere…thought I would clarify my position

Sorry, for being unclear. You need to run GS 6 and choose the Export command from within the running application.

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