[[textblocks.xyz]] are not expanded with [[item.conditionDescription]] variable


I’m using some [[textblocks.xyz]] variables in the condition description field. This works as expected.
I always have the condition description also in my listing description.
There is a variable for that called [[item.conditionDescription]].
This inserts the condition description, but the [[textblocks.xyz]] are not expanded.

If I enter the textblocks in condition description with {{textblocks.xyz}} instead of [[textblocks.xyz]], the textblocks are expanded, but the condition description field itself is not anymore.

So currently I need to have my condition description in two formats. One copy in listing description with textblocks surrounded with {{}} and a copy for condition description with textblocks surrounded with [[]].

Please make the [[item.conditionDescription]] variable expand the textblocks surrounded with [[textblocks.xyz]].

Thank you,

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Try using [[item.generatedConditionDescription]] instead.

Thank you very much!
This works perfectly!

Now a little another problem arises.
I have some paragraphs and line breaks in the conditional description.
But if I insert the text via the generatedConditionDescription or conditionDescription variable, the line breaks are gone.
Is there a way for me to replace the \n with <br>? I see there is some kind of basic possibility like IF and FOREACH statements. Maybe there is also a replace?


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