The item cannot be listed or modified

this morning I have a new problem… what is this?? The listing is exactly the same as it has been for 5 months or more (and every month it was relisted without any problem) and I am not in violation of nothing since I did anything strange… is it possible to know what’s wrong?? :astonished:

The only way to debug this that I have found is to remove a word at a time until you find the offending word. I had this same problem when trying to list a vintage post card of Cuba. The word “Cuba” was not permitted by ebay, so I had to list the postcard with another auction house.

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@Brian_G_Mason you are true! That’s something incredible :cold_sweat:… thank you very much for help!!

I started getting that notice yesterday, along with a warning that told me things in various categories are not eligible for their Global Shipping program.

I handled the first problem the way fedege96 explained above and removed the others from Global Shipping and am shipping to the US only.

The problems with eBay just keep mounting. They are still moving my books from the correct categories to categories that make no sense. It never ends.

I think May 1 was the date of a fairly chunky eBay policy change – along with the live listings, I believe – so I think that’s what happened. Hopefully, that’s it, so we don’t have a bunch more time-consuming error messages.

There’s a special section available in the help regarding this eBay error:

I guess, we have to add the term “Cuba”…

There’s also an entry on our support website in the “eBay Errors Explained” section here:

Regards, Kristian

eBay does not accept “vintage” ???

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