The only way to get iwascoding to fix your bugs…

…and have your feature requests implemented, is to send them candy.

LOTS OF CANDY. :slight_smile:

@fedege96 understands this. :pray:


I am preparing some pallets for the new year :joy:

Welcome @ilja and THANKS GS team for all your work!! Merry Christmas !


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What do we put on the import duty label? Spare parts?

I think this situation might be one of those rare cases (maybe unique?) in which the “gift” option on the custom declaration might not seem as a joke to customs operators :sweat_smile:

Woah! Those look fancy!

Picture needs more Caramello, Snickers and Milky Way! haha

Merry Christmas everyone.

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The team deserves Chocolate all year round - not just at Christmas!


Ilja, Paul, Kristian,

Happy Holidays to the entire GarageSale Gang from sunny Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA!

And a Safe and Prosperous Happy New Year!


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Have a great Xmas guys and thanks for your help during 2021. We have been Covid for 18 months in Western Australia but have been informed we are opening up in February 2022. Damn!
Regards David

Thank you, Neal!

The books from my Amazon wishlist are are nice surprise and very much appreciated!

Enjoy your holidays in Florida.

I’ll think of you tonight when its -3° Celsius (28° Fahrenheit), I’m search the garden in my pajamas for the rabbits my kids have forgotten to lock in for the night yet again. The fox’ Christmas doesn’t have to be too nice…

Thanks, David!

Looks like we here in Germany are getting a partial(?) lockdown right after Christmas. :cry:

Hope you have a nice Christmas despite the circumstances!


You are Very Welcome!!

Just a small token of my GREAT appreciation for GarageSale and all you and your team do!

GarageSale is the most invaluable tool that I use each and every day, all day long!

Happy Holidays to you and your whole family!!


I meant to say that we have been Covid FREE for 19=8 months.


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