There is an error 10007 error

what am i doing wrong as I am unable to list error 10007 pops up dealing with applications

eBay made changes to their image upload system recently.
Please update to GarageSale 7.0.13. It fixes the issues.

Hi kristian,

Is there any way I can still use my copy ofGarageSale? I’m on version 6.9.5 (612).

I only sell a couple of items per year. Paying another 20 bucks for an upgrade wouldn’t make sense, since I don’t need any of the version 7 exclusive features.

Would an upgrade to version 6.9.8 help? Or using a different image server than EPS?

Unfortunately, no.

eBay made several policy changes: First they were requiring HTTPS images when not using EPS, which broke GS 6 for non-EPS image hosting. At that point, EPS was the only remaining image option still compatible.

A few ways back, they also changed the EPS upload mechanism in a way that is no longer compatible with GS 6, which rendered GS 6 pretty much unusable.

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