Third bug of the day with attributes

sorry to bother you again, but attributes seems to be quite problematic today…
Select a group of listings which attributes are correct. When they are all highlighted, open the attributes pop-up in the right hand column. Select one attribute and then change in bulk the value. This way, that specific attribute gets broken. Sometimes it disappears from the list in the preview, but it is still there in the pop-up. Other times, the attribute goes to the last position instead of the correct one. To fix it, you have to select any other listing (just select, do not need to press enter) and then select again the listing with the bug. Check video HERE.
Might it have to do with the disappearing attributes I reported in the other thread? I hope it will be fixed soon.

Kind regards

Thanks for the bug report.

I checked video and it seems to me that after the change the ‘Paese’ attribute is still there in all three listing, albeit at at different location.

GarageSale 9.7.4 contains a fix to keep the location of the original attribute when using the bulk edit feature.

Hi Ilja,
yes, this specific bug was concerning only the position. I just updated, I will check during next days if everything is fine now.

Thank you

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