This is going to be an unusual question

Howdy all. Semi-seasoned ebayer here, took a little break for awhile. Came back, and saw they nixed TurboLister.

All the alternatives that are PC based, are generally “cloud” based, with monthly subscription fees. Do not like.

Reviewing your garagesale software, I really like what i see. I dont currently own a mac, im more of a pc guy. (i did manage to try out the demo on a friends mac, and im sold!)

So, im trying to find a cheap mac (and have quickly learned Cheap And Mac are not usually used in the same sentence! :wink: )

Could someone with some mac know-how give me a few pointers? I have a beast of a pc for all my applications i already use, so this system will essentially just be for garage sale.

Would a Intel-Core2Duo be suffiecient for garage sale? Any special needs i should be considering? I understand this is not a forum for Computers themselves, but just wondering what any users have used, or developer input. Thanks !

Hi !

i was in a similar situation several years ago. got a Core 2 Duo Mac Mini on eBay. GS works great until you have too many listings. and you need at least 4 gigs of ram. 8 will be good.

very good deals for cheap macs here:

hope this helps.

Thank you for reply Mr Sandman!
And the Link!

Normally my store will have about 50-100 items at a time… altho sometimes I have maxed it out.
It seems to me that memory in my case, is more important than processor speed. Which is sad, cuz all the cheap Macbooks and Such I can find are usually in the 2GB area. I almost bit on a new MacMini i5, but, it was 4GB, and not upgradeable. The hunt will continue!

I would have to disagree with you that Macs are not cheap. For example, I still own Macintosh PowerPC G4 models circa the years 1999 to 2001 that I still use. I was running three operating systems - Classic, Mac OS X, and Windows XP at the same time on these units with drag and drop between all three operating systems - i.e., this was not a scenario where you needed to reboot the Mac into each operating system. I was running TurboLister on XP back then because eBay started to charge money for using their API which meant my previous Mac listing tool was no longer made because the publisher could not afford to pay for access. TurboLister was one of the worst programs ever created - I cringe at ever having to use it.

These Macs cost more than PCs at the time because they were among the first dual processors which were derived from Power Computing Corp. which Apple bought. They allowed you to install four internal hard drives in the standard bays. I still use them to run legacy software and equipment such as old scanners which perform much better than anything they have today other than a professional studio equipment. I’ve even updated the PATA hard drives to modern SATA hard drives and installed better graphics cards.

You get what you pay for! I’ve yet to see a modern PC do what these 16 year old machines do.

On my current Mac Pro I am able to run Windows via VirtualBox and some Classic software via SheepShaver although this is also mainly for running legacy software.

This site lists specs for older Macs and sells parts for older Macs.

For the best deal on new Macs I’d stick with one of the larger Mac resellers because they are competing against each other and will offer deals such as a free printer, software, and so forth with a purchase of a new Macintosh. Some will have progmotional giveaways with 3rd parties. For example, I purchased a new Mac Pro system from one of these retailers who gave away a Canon $400 six color printer. I sold the printer on eBay which translated to money off my system.

If you see a drop in prices it likely means a new model is coming out and the resellers are thus trying to get rid of the older models. This is best time to buy. There is no need to buy the latest model since in 3 to 6 months the current new model will be the old model.

I’d be sure to get as much RAM installed as possible! My main computer is a aluminum cased Mac Pro Quad Core with 48GB Ram and multiple hard drives installed as I use it for graphics work in Photoshop & Illustrator. If you are using a semi-pro camera to take pictures for eBay you are likely going to need something with lots of RAM and a faster graphics card if you don’t want to wait to long while you open a batch of photos to edit.

I’ve used the following resellers in the past for complete systems, most of which came with extra bonus items:

I’ve also used Amazon to buy a Macbook Pro - not a dealer on Amazon, but Amazon itself, although Amazon does not tend to give you any bonus items.

I’ve purchased some legacy items on eBay, but I don’t think I’d ever buy a new system as these dealers are having to pay eBay a fee to sell there and typically don’t do the volume to offer the discounts that resellers with their own site offer.

Another technique you should use for any large purchase is to essentially make your credit card company pay for part of your system. Look online for credit card signup bonuses. Some of the better offers might give you a $100 to $250 credit for spending a given amount within 90 days. Other signup bonuses may give you a credit for signing up without a minimum spending amount. Apply for the card, wait 1 or 2 weeks for it to arrive, and place your new system on the card. Pay off the card before the due date to avoid any fees and no longer use it if you’d rather use another card or not use a card at all. You might have to wait 1 or 2 billing cycles (months for the credit to be applied to your account).

I’ve used this technique to get nearly $2,000 in credits - i.e., free equipment.

as i said - mac mini is the best choice to enter mac area. because it’s cheap, can be used with any monitor and it’s upgradeable. just continue to check ebay and other stores with used machines.

auction quantity of 50-100 will be no problem for C2D mac. try to find aluminium mac mini with c2d processor (or later). plastic mac mini has older core processors.

Go for the max! A Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) with a 4 GHz Intel Core i7! All self contained with a screen and simple to update the RAM. only $3,700.

this topic may turn into the holywar but i think such investment in mac ecosystem currently is stupidest thing :slight_smile:
world is changing and latest apple product very far from ideal computers like they was for a long time.

If I correctly understood your need, I recently had your same problem @johnny1138 . I have been a mac user for about 6 years but my associate no, so I started to look for a used mac for him. Sure the mac mini was my first idea but after a super offer for a recent imac I gave up the mini and went on for the imac. To be honest I think it is a bit wasted :unamused: anyway, the mini should be fine if you want to start and just use it for such a small number of listing will be fine.
I have recently gone mad for slow speed because of high number of listing, I was nearly to move to a mac pro but after some consideration I found safer a notebook for some personal reasons so I am actually moving from my old imac to a new macbook pro 2,8GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM bound to a 24 inch display but I have to say that using GS I am worried my laptop take-off any moment. If you only have 50-100 listing, go on without any doubt…

That’s absolutely true without any doubt, it’s one year I have my macbook pro purchased new and it gives me more trouble than I had in the past 6 with my imac middle 2010. @johnny1138 look for a good used machine… good catch!!

Happy new year GS’s users!!

What?? Really? Does turbolister close? Sorry for the OT but… what is the reason???

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