This is happening to my listings.. Photos Missing in item description

Its happened to at least 1 in every 5 listings and I have one 3k listings… Is there a way of bulk removing the photos?


Can you post a link to one of your listings that has images missing?

Here is one… so annoying… also when I revise listings I end up with two lots of pictures

Can you help please :smiley:

I guess these are listings that you imported from eBay and then (re)started again with GarageSale.
It seems you initially started the listing with GarageSale 7.0.16 and later (re)started it with GarageSale 7.0.20/ GarageSale 8.1.1.

When you imported the listings the whole source code including the image URL got imported, too. When you restarted the listing, the images were added another time to your listing because GarageSale didn’t know about the image URLs in your imported description.

However, I am a bit surprised that revising the listing seem to fix the appearance of the included image URLs. That’s good for you because now it might be possible to hide the images inserted at the very bottom:
Just insert the following code into the item description in Editor mode OR into the custom footer field in the GarageSale preferences > General:

<style>#gsDefaultBtmImgArea {display: none}</style>

This only works when you revise the listing in question with GarageSale 8.
You might want to test this with one or two listings first.

Regards, Kristian

ah yes… I had a hard drive fail and reinstalled GS then uploaded al my listings

So if I put that code in before I revise say 50 listings it will removed the extra pictures?


It will hide the images at the very bottom, yes.
However, that only makes sense if the other images (that currently are only displayed as thumbnail images) should appear again after the revise, which might not happen actually:

It’s worth to give it a try anyways but, again, try it with one or two listings first to check if it has the desired effect!

Another way is to clean the item description and remove all the “old” image URLs.

Regards, Kristian

with 3.5k listings that would sadly take me an age to do…

Could you export one of the listings in GarageSale (File > Export Listings) you sent links for earlier, so we can try to find an automated way to remove the bad image links from your description?

when I go to upload a file here it says wrong format

Please zip it first before trying to upload it here.


did this work? I hope it compressed properly

any news going forward gents? Cheers

any news @ilja @kristian

Sorry for the long delay in coming up with an answer. Summer holidays got in the way:

Here is a new beta version, that includes a new “Remove HTML Image Elements from Description” command in the “Listing” menu. After running the command (which also works with multiple listings selected), you’d still need to invoke the “Revise” command to push your changes to eBay (again, this works with multiple selected listing at once).

It’s probably best to test it with a single listing first, and if found to work satisfactory, slowly increase the number of selected listings.

Please let me know how it works for you.

ah brilliant

do I just download this? and it will update the garage sale already installed on my Mac ?

Just put your current GarageSale 8 application into the trash and then download that updated version from the link Ilja provided.

Regards, Kristian

@ilja @kristian do I download this version 8.1.2.b4 or continue to use 8.1.2.b3? You don’t have this version set as a new beta version release.

If you don’t need that new “Remove HTML Image Elements from Description” command feel free to stay with GarageSale 8.1.2b3 and wait for the final release of GarageSale 8.1.2.

Regards, Kristian

when is that release due?