This item cannot be listed or modified error. Please help

Yet another inexplicable and costly situation.
I sell records. I use a master template, and I do not use HTML, just preview.
I prepared 500 auctions from the same template, created a new event, verified successfully, and started uploading.
So far about 25% are not being accepted by eBay.
They are just used records, everything in English, no special characters, no offensive words, etc.
For example, this one was rejected: Albert Collins Robert Cray Johnny Copeland Showdown
The item descriptions are all exactly the same except for the grading, where letters may be NM or EX or VG+ or VG. There is no other variation – just titles and pictures.
Please help before I throw the computer through the window and just get a PC already…

If EBAY is rejecting them it’s not your computer, it’s EBAY. Try listing one ore try to verify and see what the error is. You may not believe this but what EBAY does does not always make sense! I know, hard to believe, but true. I just tried to list a box of IVORY SNOW laundry detergent (the marilyn chambers box), and eBay said that since it is illegal to sell ivory, I can not list it. Meanwhile, there are tons of IVORY SNOW listings! Sometimes it’s a simple word, and sometimes if you’re listings are using the same wording they may think you are creating multiple listings of the same thing, which they don’t allow

This may help or not. e-bay struggles to cope with pictures since they ‘upgraded’ the size standards so it times out and rejects listings when busy (free days etc). Some nights as many as 1 in 2 of mine get rejected despite them having been listed before with no problem so I relist as soon as the upload is done. If you verify before listing then it’s unlikely it’s that. Do they give a reason for the individual listing being rejected? If not it’s most likely a time out issue. While the responder above appears to be right in the main, multiple (similar) listings get accepted even if they are the same, they just won’t show on the site (but will in your 'my ebay!) until the first duplicate is bid on/sold. Annoying as I’ve listed duplicates in error and they still accept them-it’s clearly a money thing! BTW I listed gun magazines which were rejected (some) as guns are not allowed on the site! I clicked ignore and listed anyway… Sometimes I’ll just make a copy of a ‘reject’ and the copy is accepted.

Well, I put all the rejects (138 out of 500) into a new event and tried again, and every single one rejected again…

Try to verify one and see if you get an error message, if you don’t, try to list directly and see if there is an error.

they all verify. when i try to list directly (i assume you mean just click “start auction”), i get the same error: The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.

Try to list one and see what eBay says - I have had plenty of innocuous words like check or ivory that get kicked back, also make sure the word COPY isn’t in the title if you duplicated templates

yes, when i try to list one, it kicks it back with that message. an example of one title, and this is complete: Santana Freedom

What’s in the body? Does it help to add mor to the title (like ORIGINAL CD or anything like that)?

I have had similar problems, it was eBay parsing the test of the title and the description/body of my listing. I have not been able to determine the exact wording they were blocking so I rewrote my template. It is extremely difficult to guess what they are complaining about and I doubt calling eBay would be beneficial unless you were extremely patient to find a knowledgable person.

Can you post the body of your listing? I can try to help.

Good luck.


Did you try listing one on the eBay website? Does the same error message come up there?

Also, did you check in GarageSale’s editor mode that there are no invisible words (e.g. included in HTML comment sections of your description), which might trigger eBay’s rejection?

the body of each listing is EXACTLY the same, save the grading of record and cover, which can be NM, EX, VG+, VG, etc.

i have not tried listing one straight from the ebay site because 1–the pictures are not in any order – it all got alphabetized afterward so i can find the items, and 2-- i don’t know how to make it look the same as all the others without the garage sale template…?