Tired of blurred pictures

each time i’m adding pictures to GS it became blurred. it is still usable. but when i add pictures with text it became just horrible. and it is not ebay. auction is not even started.

any way to get rid of this problem?

Can you send me the original of a picture which shows this problem?

Also, where do you get the picture from? Camera, iPhone, Scanner?

i prepare all my pictures with several photo editing program. and when a place a text on the picture result i see on my mac is very different from what i see in GS.

Can you please send me an example picture with text added, so we can compare the picture before and after importing?

sent to your mailbox

week passed - any news ?

I looked at your picture, and all I was able to see were typical compression artifacts, you’ll get with a lossy compression algorithm like JPEG - unless you use a super-high quality settings, which increase the file size substantially.

It seem the particular system library used GarageSale doesn’t offer a setting to increase the quality. But even if it would, eBay would probably recompress the image to save some space on its servers (if you are using EPS for image hosting).

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