Too many <br> in my listings

After I re-created my GS DB by importing all from Ebay, most, if not all, my listings seem to have multiple htm break tags in them.

I third bulk and replace on:

Noting happened ( as expected).

Then I tried

Gs crashed.

Not too worried about the crash but does anyone have any idea on how to solve this - automatically.


There seem screenshots to be missing in your post.
However, in the “Find & Replace” window did you try it with the “Exact Search” option enabled? This should allow you to search for HTML code.

Regards, Kristian

Strange that you cannot see it because it is visible in your reply to me.

Not sure if I tried ‘exact’ or not.

I have also just noticed that the tags include


Yes that worked, Kristian. Must confess, I had not noticed that checkbox.


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