Tracking and Feedback

I love the fact that I can open Endicia from GarageSale with the address info already filled in. Would like to suggest 2 additional features:

When item marked as shipped in Inspector, change status to shipped with eBay.
When shipment number added in Inspector, provide it to eBay/buyer.
Provide a spot to add feedback for the sale (and provide it to eBay.)

In other words, would be nice if I never had to open my web browser. Thanks!

I’m not an admin, but I believe that Ebay does not allow automatic uploading of tracking and shipping status which is why we manually have to click the UPLOAD button for each item. :frowning:

Once you enable the “shipped” checkbox or fill in the tracking number, click the little upward pointing arrow button to send these button to eBay.

You can leave feedback from within GarageSale. There’s a command hidden in the sprocket popup menu.