Tracking number not pushed to eBay

GS 6.9.7 running on OSX 10.11.2 beta 3. Intermittent.

Pasting a tracking number into GS from Endicia and marking the item shipped doesn’t always populate the number to eBay any longer - shipped status is pushed, but the tracking number is missing.

This has been happening at least a week - it is not due to a recent GS update as I’ve been running 6.9.7 for a few weeks now.

Seems to be caused by a change or issue in eBay’s API, but needs to be investigated to address or let eBay know.

Pushing the number a second time seems to have worked on a recent auction. This weekend I had to manually paste the number into eBay after trying to push multiple times. Currently I have a couple of auctions where numbers don’t show up in the summary on eBay, but if I try to manually add on eBay, the number appears pre-filled on the form.

I am having the same issue. And now it is even harder to plug in the numbers because ebay has changed it’s interface and keeps directing you to use their print service. You have to go the long way around to get to anything that allows you to put in the number. I found using the item name (it’s a link) takes you to the item and at the top you as a seller have some options - one is add a tracking number.

I have not been checking the upload of tracking numbers and now I see that I am going to get a below average rating at the next review because my tracking upload is below 90%. With an otherwise perfect rating.

Anyone have any ideas for the best way to deal with this?