Transfer everything to another Computer

Because my iMac died - thanks to the great graphic card in it - i decided to buy some better hardware than a crappy iMac. So now i have a Mac Pro 3.1 and lately a 2009 Mac Mini. I Transferred the content of the iMac to the Mac Pro using Time-machine. So there is everything I need. But now i also have a Mini and i need the software there. (reason is the power consumption, the Mini uses 20-30 watts and the Mac Pro about 150-300. So i use the mini for simple tasks and the Pro for some intensive tasks, like Photo editing).

So I installed Garagesale on the Mini, i could transfer the only the deals, but nothing else. Is there an easy way to simply transfer everything at once?

Thanks… and Happy Easter.


entry #17 “How do I transfer my GarageSale 7 database to another Mac?” in the FAQs should give you instructions how to accomplish this:

Regards, Kristian

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Thanks, that worked.