Transfer listing from garage sale 6 to version 7! HELP

Good morning,
I been trying to upload listing through garage sale but it keeps giving me “error 10007” I have the old version of garage sale so I’m going to upgrade to the new one. I wanted to know the listing that still haven’t uploaded to ebay is there anyway to transfer them to the new version without losing 1400 listing that couldn’t up load?
Or am I screw and will have to relist and do all the listing all over on the new version of garage sale?
Thank you
Please help

Hi Jandro,

eBay made changes to their image upload system recently.
Please update to GarageSale 7.0.13. It fixes the issues.

You can download and test it for free:

Before you download/start GarageSale 7, please make sure that you have the latest version of GarageSale 6 installed (6.9.8).

GarageSale 7 can import your GS 6 library and your accounts upon first launch (this process may take a while). In the welcome screen click on “Import database”.

Regards, Kristian

OK so as long as I have the last version of garage sale 6 everything will transfer to garagesale 7 even the listing that couldn’t get listed on ebay?
Thank you

How do i get my ebay token keychain password i forgot it?

Because i i did transfer data from garagesale 6 to the new version but its asking me for that password n i dont want to lose all the listingi couldnt upload because version 6 kept giving me error code 10007

If you’re referring to the eBay sign-in page when refreshing/adding your eBay account in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts:
It’s your eBay password that you have to enter there, isn’t it?

If you’re referring to another window, please post a screenshot if possible.

Regards, Kristian

If i dont add the ebay token password does it not allow me to transfer from garagesale 6 to version 7?

Can you post a screenshot of the panel asking for the password?

I believe the system is not asking for your eBay password. Instead, it asks for your Mac account password to unlock the keychain, which is where your eBay password is stored. By typing in that password your authorise GarageSale to read your eBay password.

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