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Sorry. I know that this is not directly GS related but I was wondering if any members would be kind enough to help me out with a few German to English translations - by email, outside of this group. My wife does most of them for me (3 years in Bavaria) BUT some of the technical translations are difficult.
Google struggles



Again sorry for posting to this group.

Since I’m in line at the post office for what it seems eternity with nothing to do:

Picture Attachment to cigarette
„Halpaus Rarity“
3.5 Pfennigs
Wonders of Technic and Nature (Series 33)

From the workshop of giants (No 196)

The forging press is a gigantic machine of the heavy industries. It can produce a pressure of 2.5 Million kilograms. More information is available in the collectors album.

The album can be purchased for 1 Reichsmark at your cigarette shop or by post at …

Oh. Thank you so much, Ilja. I don’t want to take up too much of your time but can I post a few more directly to you?


Unfortunately for you, I’m not planning to stand for hours in the post office queue everyday. :wink:

Have you tried for translating English to German? I’m using it to translate the English releases for GarageSale to German (yes, I’m that lazy), and the results a pretty good.

Thanks. I will try that. Google fails on the technical items.

Super site. Thanks Ilja

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