Trouble Uploading - Image Upload Failed Internal Application Error - Please Try Again After Some Time

I get this error constantly - for example tonight I tried to start 9 new listings, it took me 4 tries before all nine were uploaded due to listings failing because of this error.

I am using the latest GS7, just did the update with no change.

This happens after the verification. Sometimes it fails right away, and sometimes the process bar goes 3/4 and it fails.

Sometimes it takes multiple attempts before it works.

Any help appreciated - its frustrating.

Hi sp00ky,

Sorry, “Internal Error to the application” (#10007) is eBay’s catch-all error message when something is wrong with their system or servers. Usually this error message goes away after a while.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian,

Is there a way I can tell GS7 to just keep trying to upload these listings.

In an ideal world I create my listings, and once the verification process is done, I submit upload (or launch, cannot remember the term) and walk away.

If they fail due to this error, GS7 just keeps trying?

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