Trouble with Listings on ebay and gagrage sale

Can someone please help

I listed some items from ebay and my listings on gagrage sale do not tally and is there a way I can get them to tally as if I re list I am re listing some items and am confused.

Hi Nick,

GarageSale should automatically update your live listings, but you can always manually import listings that you started on eBay via the File/Import/Import from My eBay command.

The black dotted line merely indicates that the listing in question has been prepared but not yet started. Verification does not change things. Solid black listings mean that the listing has ended without bids or sales. To find out more about the color labels, please see here:

Help/Icon Legend

We currently do not offer any live support - support tickets only for now.

Thank you for your request.

Best Regards,

Your GarageSale Team

Alexander Hass

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Geschäftsführer: Paul Hecker, Ilja Iwas

Can you be more specific. You problem description is so vague, that I cannot see what your problem is? Are listings missing? Are their certain values off? Does the listing state not match?

Dear Ilja,

Thank you for contacting me and I initially re listed some items from
ebay and then went into gagrage sale and my listing state in gagrage
sale does not match ebay listings.

If I go list I do not want to duplicate listings.

I just want my listings in garage sale to match my listings on ebay.

I did speak to Alexander and he said go to file and import listings from
ebay but this simply brought listing back and they were then stored in
another folder.

I really am at a loss at the moment.

Any help would be much apprecaited

All the best

Regards Nick


Have just looked and I have 125 listings live on ebay however when I
look in my gagrage sale there are only 75 listed 104 not listed and 53

Is there some way I can tally these please.

All the best

Regards Nick

Hi Nick,

did you list these listings through the eBay web form or did you list them from within GarageSale?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

I normally list through garagesale however did relist some items that
had not sold through ebay and want to know how to tally ebay and gagrage

Regards Nick

Here is one idea;

Open the “Import from My eBay” panel again, but check the “Hide Listings Already Imported” box in the sprocket menu. The remaining listings shown should be the done that GarageSale doesn’t know about yet. If you import these, GarageSale should know about all active listings on eBay.

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