Trouble with Pro Template Properties

Hi all - GarageSale 6.9.8

I just started using a new template - the first time I’ve tried to switch over to a new look… I notice three things coming up that I don’t see on the template view (First View):

Leaf element
Empty “Category” column
Store box

Here’s the link to the auction:
Auction View

Thanks so Much!


Hi Laurel,

your link isn’t working, unfortunately. However, the store header and sidebar element are coming from eBay. You can turn them off on the “My eBay” website > Store Managments > Listing Frame.

For some reason the background graphics of the listing designs don’t show up in your Preview in GarageSale. It might be that your network is somehow blocking them?
By the way, how about upgrading to GarageSale 7?

Regards, Kristian

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