Troubleshooting "inconsistent shipping parameters"

Longtime GarageSale user but I have only just upgraded to v. 7. Created a test listing just trying to “learn the ropes” and get five “inconsistent shipping parameters” warnings in Preflight. They all say exactly the same thing (“check the response for ErrorParameters elements” etc etc). I have one shipping service (domestic, flat–I’m selling CDs) and as far as I can tell I’ve set it up as required. Is this error referencing something else besides shipping? Nothing in the docs about this error line nor does it show up in the forum anywhere. I’ve given this issue several hours of messing about and I’m perplexed and frustrated. Surely this has a solution–frankly I could have listed 20 items in eBay proper in the time I’ve spent on this. Any ideas most appreciated? Happy to share my other settings if that helps. Thanks folks!

These are cryptic error messages from the eBay system as far as I can tell.
It might be that your shipping settings uses out-dated options so it’s worth a try to remove the shipping services in the shipping options and re-add them.

If you’re using “shipping profiles” you might want to check or edit them on the “My eBay” website.

Regards, Kristian

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