Trying to Reuse Old Listings

Hi. I’ve been away for a while due to working 60 hours a week. But now I’m back and trying to reload old listings.

It seemed easy enough. I managed to get three of the up, after making the necessary changes. (Though I have had to find the pictures.)

That was a bummer, but definitely doable. But NOW…

The old listings are not showing the original descriptions, etc. Instead, the middle panel shows an eBay page. HELP! I have a few hundred listings and the idea of having to start each of them from scratch is making my stomach upset.

Here is a screenshot of what I’m now looking at:


That eBay listing page from over 2 years ago does no longer exist on the eBay website. That’s why you see that “nothing found” page in “Live” mode.
However, you can still use/edit/duplicate that listing. To do this you might want to switch to Editor mode or Preview mode.

Oh! I always use it in preview, but I guess I somehow activated Live!

Thank you, kristian!

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