Turning inventory item into listing


It would be very useful if it was possible to convert inventory items into to listing and automatically link them.

I have hundred of items that I imported in the inventory using a CSV file.
As I understand, the way doing the same for listing would be importing a TurboLister CSV file.
But then, linking manually hundred of listings to the inventory items would be a pain.

Could one not simply allow to select several items in the inventory, make a right click and have a “generate listings” menu entry? Then simply have a popup asking for which eBay site the listing will be?

Currently, is the easiest way of doing such things using a database tool and editing the sqlite database?

(N.B. Turning listing into inventory item would be useful as well.)

What you can already do in Inventory mode is to select “New eBay listing from selected item” from the “more” button in the toolbar (the button with the 3 dots).

It will create a listing with the information from the inventory item and also “links” to that SKU.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian, it works!
I was not aware about this feature and that’s great.

Just one suggestion: it would be fantastic if this could be extended to several items selected.
(I have hundreds of inventory items.) I tried selecting two items in the inventory and clicking the [°°°] button, but the listing was created only for the first of the two selected items.


It works for multiple selected items, too! You just have to re-select the items in the overview view (the middle view). Please see the help here for a short animation:

Regards, Kristian

Wow, that’s great !

I have been confused by the animation, as it shows the Listings instead of the Inventory, but at the end, I understood what you meant.

Yes, it works. Thanks a lot Kristian.


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