Turning off active content. What about HTTPS?

Some new standards are coming soon to Ebay USA. I’m reading we must turn off active content and all photos must be HTTPS. I’m not really sure the meaning of all these words.

What is Garagesale doing to prepare for this? What must be done by me?

Do I need to upgrade my version of GS? So far all is working well. I have concerns about upgrading. Must I do so to fulfill Ebay’s new requirements?

Garagesale version 6.9.7
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5

My alternate question: Using 6.9.7, how do I remove embedded photos from my description? That is my only issue. If they could be removed I think my listings would be perfect.

Everything has been working smoothly. I don’t care to upgrade unless forced to do so.

I use no named templates, the box is unchecked. I write descriptions using minimal HTML. Lines of text are kept short and to the left. Default font, size 4. No links.

I’ve never figured out how to remove the photos embedded below the text block.

EDIT: I found the template called No Design. Using it I am able to remove the embedded photos.

I have discovered I must choose a template to be able to remove the embedded images. I don’t want to use a template.

Is there another way to remove the embedded images from the description?

If a template MUST be used, is there a completely blank template among the list of names?

EDIT: I discovered the template named No Design. I can remove embedded photos from there.

GarageSale does not insert “active content” (unless you add YouTube videos etc.) so you should be good.
However, please note that only the listing designs (including the “No Design” design) is optimized for smartphones so you might want to consider to upgrade to GarageSale 7.

You can test it for free.

Regards, Kristian

I stopped using no template and began using the design called No Design. Your statement above is confusing. If I am using the No Design template in 6.9.7, is it also optimized for mobile? Like I say, I do not want to upgrade unless absolutely necessary.

No, the designs in the old GarageSale 6 are not optimized for smartphones, only the ones in GarageSale 7.

Regards, Kristian

What does that mean… optimized for mobile? I already write short lines of text on the left side of the screen. I have simplified my listings to zen minimalism. No terms of service, no graphics, minimal HTML… just good descriptions and Ebay hosted photos. I have even removed embedded photos (as of yesterday). How could I be more mobile friendly?

Let’s give a try http://www.i-ways.net/mobile-friendly/it/

OK, Ebay’s mobile checker says my listings need to change. There are sizing issues and the ‘viewport meta tag’ is absent.

I downloaded version 7.0.7.

Current questions:

How do I add the Viewport meta tag to listings? Nothing occurs when I ask it to convert to HTML.

I have a number of stray listings at the bottom of the column. Why have they migrated from their respective files? I’m not sure where to put them now.

I miss the colors. It is more difficult without them.

I can’t find the verify command. How do I verify my listing?

Properties tab > check optimization for iPhone

This?.. What does it do? I don’t see relevant HTML. Should I expect to see it?

No, you don’t see the special. Mark it, revise and then check again with I-ways site I linked above

I don’t understand what you are saying… you want me to go off site to a webpage I don’t know what?

I can’t even get a listing started yet in GS7. I’m stuck on the issue of duplicates and too tired to read long pages of text and instruction. I’m not feeling very happy about all this.

Mark the optimization for that listing, revise the listing (if active), then go into your eBay, copy listing’s code and put it here http://www.i-ways.net/mobile-friendly/it click on check and you will see that the problem is gone

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