TWO FIND / REPLACE TEXT Scripts available

Recently my free image hosting service (photobucket) turned off the hosting and now have taken thousands of peoples images hostage and charing $40 a month to have .gifs hosted to be used 3rd party (garagesale) hosting.

So that put me in a bit of a panic as ALL my templates have the first image which indicate my logo for my online service and the background HTML in every template i made has a bg image that loads behind the text. (pattern)

I went to list a few items to find the main image and entire background were filled with PHOTOBUCKET TERMS OF SERVICE nonsense … UPGRADE TO G500… and you can’t read the desription cause it’s so distracting and the main image is now promoting photobucket hijack.

So I figured it would be easy to open up the script folder and use FIND AND REPLACE script…but guess what… IT’S NOT THERE??? A basic script isn’t even in the tool box. I Looked online. NONE>

I went ahead and made two basic but powerful scripts due to this problem. I’m sure others will encouter this.

Script 1 : Find Replace Image URL Text (all selected) - This script will look at the URL of the Images you have loaded to each template. You simply highlight the templates you want to change you don’t have to hilight the photos. In this case I used it to change the very first MAIN image which was my logo to my buisness. It was now promoting Photobucket after they restricted access to my images.

Script 2 : - Find Replace Text IN DESCRIPTION (all selected) - same as above but will attack the desecription. I hunted down “” and replaced it with asteriks in this case.

Now anyone that wants these scripts just drop me a line. Is there a depository here for sharing scripts?

Does it work for title too? I have to modify a lot of listings and I’m forced to do it one at a time.

It can be modified easily to make it work for title. I will try it when I get time in the next few days.
I had a little learning curve making it work for the description (notice garagesale does not have a default
included script for this function) … but I figured it out.

If you don’t hear from me in by Monday give me a nudge.

Ok turns out I had the script almost finished from last year… just had to modify a few lines… and it works
Find and Replace word for Title.
I’ll try to attach the script here.

file path to put script in : user/Library/Application Support/Garagesale/Scripts

Find Replace word in TITLE (all selected) (4.0 KB)

But is it for GS7 or GS6?

I don’t use GS 7. Scripts were intended to use and made for GS 6.6.6. Is there a concern? Why would they break functionality of a script?

just try it, that’s why I posted it here. IF it doesn’t work, spend a bit of time to try to modify it to work with GS7.
I was just reading the attribute info about the changes… not too difficult. Oh and yourwelcome.

I use version 7.
Finding and replacing, unfortunately, is still not there.

Well now , more software upgrades that are step backwards. So do you have to make all new templates just to use GS7? I have thousands.

The problem is that in 7, the “find and replace” function is not yet usable.
It should be in version 7.1

The find and replace text in DESCRIPTION (all selected) would be Wonderful! If you would, I would like a copy and instructions to install. If it works like I need it I would be glad to “donate” a few bucks to your PayPal account.


In version 7.0.X, there is no “find and replace” function, there will be in 7.1 (hopefully)

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