Two macs syncing

how i can sync my work in garagesale between two macs (within one license) ?

so i want to work with my auctions and templates both on my home mac mini and macbook on the way.

Hi Mr_Sandman,

a sync feature is not available so far but you could give the Network Sharing feature in GarageSale 6 a try:

A sync feature is on the to do list for a future version of GarageSale 7.

Regards, Kristian

Is this option – or one similar – available in GS 7?

(The link is no longer good, I think, so I’m afraid you’re going to tell me no,)

Now that I’m thinking about this problem, I have what is probably a dumb question, but here goes:

Is it possible to use Dropbox to house the GS7 files and thus be able to pseudo-sync the computers?