Typing in SKU field is slow

the new version 8.1 has a new issue: when you type into SKU field, letters are very slow before appearing, it’s like slow motion. Let’s give a try, here’s a video (I finished writing about when DEC is completed).


I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue here but I see that you’re using third-party tool. It’s “PopClip” I guess?
This tool most likely causes that issue, like it already caused issue with the title fields in the Preview.

Was there an update recently that could explain why it behaves that strange all of a sudden?

Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,
I cannot explain how it is possible, I just tried again and there was no delay, PopClip was not disabled. It typed correctly. How is it possible? Maybe there was a specific activity in background that caused the problem? :thinking:

Please start to record a “Sample” from Activity viewer, then type into the SKU field, so we can see what’s going on.

The same issue is back, it still very slow when I write into SKU. I did a Sample, I will send it to you @ilja shortly.
Let me know.

GarageSale immediately updates the preview with the new SKU while you are typing in the SKU field. In the past, this hasn’t been a problem, but when I checked now, we are getting 3 change notifications from the system for each typed character, so the preview is updated 3 times.

For the next beta we will disable the “update-while-typing” thing and only update the preview when your press return or leave the SKU field.

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Thanks Ilja, so there was actually an issue there. Good to know it will be fixed soon.

The SKU issue is fixed with the last version. Thanks, let me know for other bugs I reported.

I cannot reproduce the bug with the misaligned Trash icon.

I fixed the bug where the „Use multiple connections“ checkbox was disabled each time you started a single listing. Will be in the next Beta Release.

Will look into the selection change will bulk-resisting once I find some time.

Thanks @ilja for the fix !

To reproduce it, put a listing into the bin. When it is empty, the issue does not appear.

Not happening here with full Trash bin either. Maybe it’s an operating system issue? Which version of macOS is this?

10.12.6. For now it does not seem to create other problems, but that issue was not there before…