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Haven’t changed anything but 1) wants me to agree to upcoming user agreement;
2) says I can’t ask for immediate payment.

Are these ebay changes or something in GS?
Thanks, Mike

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 1.54.28 PM

Please note that these error/warning are returned and generated by the eBay server (not by GaragSale).

• You can ignore the first message with the yellow error sign and start the listing aynway.

• From the eBay help regarding immediate payment:
“You can require immediate payment for both fixed-price and auction-style listings with a Buy It Now option.”

It seems you don’t have the Buy It Now option enabled and that’s why you get this error.
You can disable the immediate payment option in the payment options. If you have selected a payment profile there you need to select a different one or create/edit it on the eBay website.


Hope this helps,

You can make this stop by following the link and agree to the old agreement.

I OCCASIONALLY get these messages also.
I simply start/relist the listing again and it works just fine.
Seems like an eBay server timing issue…


It does look like this is the end of GS for me.

  1. FOLLOW THE LINK AND AGREE — it is no longer an active link per ebay. I have to say this IS garage sale problem. Ive never signed an update to user agreement. I doubt you have looked

  2. Before emailing you I updated my preferences (opposite of previous) and got the same message when trying to upload. Ebay?? No I think it is garage sale. Biting my tongue

Well @mixmax I suppose you can believe what you like, but this is a known bug in eBay’s API code which has cropped up several times in the last few weeks. From the thread about it, it looks like it is still occasionally an active problem on eBay’s servers. Hopefully they will fix it all the way, eventually.

It is not a GarageSale problem. When the eBay server returns an error for a listing (as it is here), the correct behavior in a client app (like GarageSale) is to cancel the listing until the error is resolved. They are obliged to do that by the API license from eBay themselves.

When eBay makes mistakes, we have to wait for them to fix them.


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