Unable to post to secondary e bay account

I have had 2 ebay acts for several years and use the second when I need additional free listings. I have used Garage Sale exclusively for my auctions for both accounts. I have tried posting to this account a few times over the past week by choosing the secondary account in the start auction window but the auctions continue to post to my primary account. I refreshed my token over the weekend and the problem persists. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

What version of GarageSale are you using?

Hi Ilja, I am using version 6…9.7. I am not sure if I have had this problem since I upgrade to this version, I do not know when I upgraded to this version.

One interesting note. I have store categories on the primary account and do not have them on the secondary account, When I post to the secondary account I have always gotten a prompt that it is the wrong store category, this is still happening when I request to start on the secondary account, even though it ultimately reverts to the primary acct.

I have a very similar problem to this - I’m running 6.6.5 - again I have 2 eBay accounts, one runs ok the other Which should be my main account throws up this error:

The selected category from auction “2" Body Lift Kit - Mitsubishi L200 Single Cab” does not exist any more. Please download the last version of the categories data and select another category.

I have the latest versions of both the eBay categories and my store categories so they certainly do exist, athoughit seems that garagesale does not recognise them

What eBay category do you have selected in that specific listings? What eBay site is it?

Also, please update to GarageSale 6.9.7 or higher.

Regards, Kristian

In GarageSale 6, the “update category” command in the preferences only downloads category for the site you have selected as default site in the General Preferences. So if you are trying to list on a different site, you need to switch over your default site briefly to that site before updating categories. (We changed the architecture, so this doesn’t happen in GarageSale 7).

If this doesn’t help, please export your listing template and send it to us, so we can have a look.

Thanks both for your input, I have now upgraded to 6.9.8b6 and am working on preparing a listing.
It would seem that eBay have changed either some or all of their category IDs and also the way shop categories work?

Once I have successfully listed (or otherwise) I will post my results

I have now successfully listed, ugrade of GarageSale and category ID seems to have worked - the only problem I have encountered is that I use shipping rate tables by weight and GarageSale will not allow me to enter weights unless I have calculated selected for shipping fees which then doesn’t allow me to upload saying

The postage rate table is not applicable for this site.

Which I know is not right

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll see that you can enter shipping weights in the next beta version, when you have the “Use Shipping Rate Table” box enabled.