Unable to re-index for V 8.2

I am unable to install the latest Version of GS because I cannot get past the “Pop-up Indexing Message” (again).
So it looks like my dodgy database is catching up with me. One of the things that I noticed recently is that i have duplicates of some items but when I try to delete one of the duplicates, both items are deleted,
Before deletion

After deleting one of the items

I have Export dumps of the two items with extension gslisting but I am unable to attach them:

Any ideas?


When you try to start GarageSale 8.2 and can’t get past the “Indexing” message, do you see any logs in the “Console” application?:

  1. Open the application “Console” located in Applications/Utilities. (You can also simply use the Spotlight search to find/open “Console”.)
  2. Put “GarageSale” into the filter field in the upper right corner. (Without the quotes) The “filter” field looks like a search field.
  3. Select all the lines and then copy them (to copy it just select “Copy” from the “Edit” menu)

I don’t think there’s the need to send us these files. I think it’s an issue with your database and not with these specific listings.
Just for the notes: To attach GarageSale listings to a post here, you have to zip it first.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian

Tried that with with the version I am running but exactly the same. . re-index just hangs.
No log that I can see.
Switched in my previously saved “good” version in Containers but now I get the message

Managed to restore a version form yesterday but it has been bloody hard going.

Hi Kristian

Any ideas how to handle this?


Maybe @paul or @ilja (when back from vacation) have a better idea but the “auto-repair” mechanism from the debug menu might be worth a try.

Regards, Kristian

No that also fails because it tries to re-index during the first part of the operation.


Ilya. Just wondering if you have any ideas on this problem?

Could you send me a zipped version of your GarageSale.leveldb directory via Dropbox or something similar?

I was able to update the indexes to the current requirement with your database just fine, it only took around 22 minutes on my machine.

You have so many listings and orders, it just takes a while for GarageSale to work through them. If you have Apple’s activity viewer application open, you should see that GarageSale consumes around 100% of your single CPU core while it’s working on your data.

Sadly, not so on mine. This is after 45 mins

That doesn’t look good. Maybe this helps:

  1. Force quit GarageSale if it is still running
  2. From the GarageSale Library folder remove the directory “GarageSale-FTSIndex.leveldb”
  3. Restart GarageSale and wait a while.

Thanks Ilya

I will; try in a week. End of/start of month is my big listing period so I will sit with what I have got.


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