Unable to select 'Collect in Person' postage option


Any news from eBay on this error?

It’s stopping me from using GarageSale at the moment.



Sorry, nothing new from eBay since last week. I’ll bug them again.

HI, I am also having this issue, just wondering is there is any update?

HELP please, im having this issue aswell, i can upload the listing via GS with collect in person but i have to pick a postage service otherwise i get the error message. i then go through eBay into the advert and select “revise the listing” and select collect in person and it gives me the option to remove the postage service garagesale is forcing me to select, and just leave collect in person on the listing. but if i try it via garagesale i get this message attached below.im using gs ver 7.0.20 46


Yes we really need a resolution to this. Having to manually change our listings on eBay is Time consuming and it defeats the purpose of using GarageSale.

It’s been long enough now…

An update please, this has been going on for a while and defeats the point in using garagesale for me, most of my items need to be collected in person.


sorry for that. We are still trying to find a solution with eBay for the API GarageSale is using. We will fix this as soon as possible.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the update, any idea of a rough eta?

25 days is dragging on a bit and stuff is starting to build up.

Sorry, not ETA for resolution of this issue yet. Ebay dev support suggested two different workarounds to us, but none of them worked so far. Waiting for their next reply. :man_shrugging:

We might finally have found a solution for this problem. Please check this beta release of GarageSale 7 and report back. (A new beta version of GarageSale 8 with the same changes will follow shortly).

Any feedback if Local Pickup is working again?

I will hopefully try this tonight…

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Can you send me the listing that you are trying to upload?


I get policy issues all the time (long before the recent ‘local pickup’ issue).

The software wants us to use eBay policies, however, I do not have any set up. Nor do I want to at the moment as everything I sell is random and not bulk items. But yes, frequently I get errors where GarageSale won’t allow a listing to proceed as I have not specified a policy. The problem is, once you do select a policy, for example shipping, it then also wants a returns policy, a payment policy etc.

When I get these errors I have to resort to doing a listing direct using the eBay app…which takes ages.



Hello All,

I am able to list again, which is great news, but unfortunately, I am unable to revise any listings due to the postage issues. Please see screenshot for further info.

Fingers crossed I just missed something.

Is the listing you are trying to revise a “Local Pickup Only”/“Collect in Person” listing?


The new beta version seems to have helped this issue but has introduced another…

Now, even if I select ‘Returns not accepted’ in GarageSale, when creating a listing, the final listing in eBay has 30 day Returns allowed. Hopefully this is a quick one to resolve?

Regards, Philip

This version might address the issue with the wrong return policy:


Please let me know your findings!

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