Unauthorized Access Warning from Ebay after using GS

Hi Guys,

Has anyone else experienced getting an “Unauthorized use of your account” message from Ebay after using GS? I’ve had two in the last three days, both after having used GS–the first time I had uploaded listings, today I was just editing some listings, and got the message again. Every time it’s happened I am required to reset my password.

Any thoughts or ideas why this might be happening? I’ve reset my personal email password today (didn’t do it the first time), which Ebay also suggests I do, but I wonder if there’s something I need to be doing in GS to prevent this.

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone has. :relaxed:


@squinty never had something similar. In my opinion, change password and pay attention if it happens again…

Thanks! Hopefully the password changes will do it…

That’s indeed a strange coincidence. GarageSale does not save or transmit your eBay password, it just uses it to retrieve an access token from eBay, which is only good for use with GarageSale.

Please let us know if you get those messages from eBay again after you have changed your password.

Agreed. And that’s what I thought, too–GS should never register with Ebay as an unauthorized access issue. I’m guessing that it’s something else with my email or personal web server where my email account is located.

Anyway, hopefully, I’ve got that all locked down now and considering that apparently I am the only one experiencing this issue, I am guessing it should be solved. I will definitely report back if it happens again, just in case it’s something else.


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