Understanding GS restarts

Can someone explain the difference between restart and relist, please?

I am a bit confused with the terminology.

What actually happens ing the case below for a GTC listing:
Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 4.54.37 pm

  1. Does Ebay actually restart the listing and GS works out where it is


  1. Does GS signal Ebay to end the item and then list it again.

Does GS need to be online during this operation?

Just trying to sort it out in my head before applying the checkbox.


Restart, relist same thing.

  1. GS does all the work. Ebay doesn’t. Ebay is supposed to bring forward search history algorithms but cant be sure. Ebay lets listings go dormant and doesn’t show them in searches. They say if the first 100 people don’t buy your item then the next 100 won’t either so they don’t let it show in searches. The only way an item will sell is if someone finds a newly listed item and checks your other listings. relists/restarts assigns a new listing number and the algorithm sees it as a new listing. I set all my listings to relists/restarts 1 time a month. My sales went up 20-50% doing this and old 3 to 5 year old listings started sell. Multiple item listings I don’t restart until no sales in 30 days.
  2. GS sends a end item notice and then relist/restarts a new listing. YES, GS need to be on to do this.

Cheers. Suspected that. All good now

Regards David
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