Understanding Shipping in Garage Sale

I need some help understanding Shipping in my Garage Sale 7.0.16 listings. The online manual does not address this in any detail. Is there a book or additional manual available?

Could you point me to a manual or source to explain in greater detail as knowing the shipping costs by area of the country for each option ( like I could in Ebay ) to determine the item cost.

I don’t understand how the shipping window works when I need to offer different options flat rate, calculated for a sale.

to others with more experience, would I be better off setting up all my listings in Ebay where I have more control & then importing them into Garage Sale? Many thanks for any help.

Are you trying to mix flat and calculated shipping services in a single listing? I believe eBay allows you one shipping method (flat or calculated) for all domestic services, and one shipping method (flat or calculated) for international shipping. To my knowledge (which might be outdated), you cannot mix flat and calculated domestic shipping services in a single listing.

I should eb able to give buyers a choice as the shipping cost could be different according to where they live.

CALCULATED PRIORITY MAIL could be 7.78 for the east cost or 13.58 los angeles. or the los angeles buyer should be able to choose PRIORITY FLAT RATE box which to los angeles could be much cheaper 10.68…

ALSO, I want to see the range of shipping costs BEFORE I POST THE ITEM LIVE…so I can calculate what the overall costs would be.

thank you

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When you use calculated shipping, you set all of the services you want to use, so if something was 15 ounces, you could use PRIORITY, FIRST CLASS, and the also a PRIORITY FLAT RATE. You have to chose to use flat rate in addition to regular priority, because only you know whether an item will fit. I ship everything Priority, but only certain items will fit into a flat rate box.

I don’t know how experienced you are with shipping, but playing around with a shipping calculator from EBAY or USPS will give you a good rough idea of postage costs.

I generally start with PRIORITY, then if warranted add a flat rate choice, first class and maybe PARCEL SELECT if warranted.

Also, there is no way I know of to see live postage costs, you will have to plug the item into one of the above postage calculators.


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