Unknown categories

Any way to Search for, or Smart Group, Unknown categories???

Or at least find (show) the Category Number of the old Unknown category in the Category popup window?

I have over 115,000 listings, and MOST of my listings are in the “Model Railroads & Trains” category, which got MOST of it’s categories Retired and a few New categories added during eBay’s October 12 category reorganization.

A way (Smart Group?) to show all listings with an Unknown category, that I can sort by Category Number, would be great!


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I asked the same question about a year back. The answer was no. I hope the answer is now yes though, because I too have many category ‘unknown’ items. Happened on the last big eBay category update, just recently.

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One way to get the selected category id would be the through AppleScript.

tell application "GarageSale" to get primary category id of first item in ((get selected ebay listings))

Once you have that number, you can create a smart group for filtering and bulk changing your listings:

And if you need to collect multiple “discontinued” categories, you can use the “Any” smart group filter to gather them in one place.

OK… Thanx, I can use that.

Yes, that works great. Although, it is slow (take many seconds) when changing more than a couple hundred at a time…

Can you add “Unknown Category #####” to the lower left of the Category popup window when the Category is Unknown???

But… I still have to “find” all the listings that now have an “Unknown” category.


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Or even better, change “Category 1: Unknown” to “Category 1: Unknown #####” in the Options pane.

And allow the “category number ##### text” to be “selected and copied”. :wink:


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With 1000 listing items selected, every click in the Attributes popup window takes >30 seconds. Just trying to add a new item specific attribute to several listings. 500 listings selected takes many seconds for each click in the popup window, and even 100 selected listings gets a spinning beachball…

Using macOS 11.6 (20G165) on a iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021) 16GB RAM.


Could you please send me a spin dump and example listings (which I could duplicate 1000 times) for investigation?

Sent via Messages.


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