UPC Required to make listing?

I am running GarageSale 7.0.8b8 (803) and I’ve been getting an error that I have never received before that prevents me from posting any of the templates.

“Products have a registered UPC. please enter a valid UPC that matches your product.”

I have tried closing and reopening GarageSale, refreshing the token, and putting N/A in the barcode section (this was mentioned in another post). So far none of this has worked and I’m not sure how to remedy this problem as it is the first time it has come up. I have tested 3 listings and they all show the same error message.

I bought a 1000 of them off of eBay for a buck. Post as normal.


Hi Julia,

did you add a product to the product informations?
What category do you have selected?

Please update the eBay category data (click on the sprocket icon in the category browser) and check the category, item specifics and product selection afterwards.
There’s no need to enter “N/A” into the barcode field - you can leave it empty.

Regards, Kristian

It is in the “Other Laptop Replacement Parts” category and there is no product added in the product information section. We make a lot of listings with just a category selected and this is the first time that we have had a problem with this.

I updated the eBay category data and I am still having the same error message with the barcode field empty.

Thanks for the suggestion but it does not seem like the lack of a UPC is the problem, the error message states that a UPC already exists for the product and it wants me to enter that in, which is something that I have never had to do in the past. We have UPC codes already but that doesn’t solve this particular problem.

Can you export one of the listings in questions and post it here or send it to the GarageSale support?
A screenshot of the error would be helpful, too.

Regards, Kristian

Can you please export that listing and sent it to us for investigation?

BATTERY - Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13” A1502 2013:2014 020-8146 020-8147 A1493.gslisting.zip (2.2 MB)

It seems to be mandatory to enter a barcode if you’re trying to list an Apple product or a part for an Apple product. That’s why you get such a specific error message from eBay.

Regards, Kristian

Is this a new change that eBay has made? Most of our listings are Apple parts and we have never had this problem before.

eBay has been gradually tightening their policies regarding product identifiers since 2016. Maybe they recently enabled the product code required for the category you are listing in?

Ah. That is probably it. Thanks for all the help!

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