Update All Orders Is Not Refreshing Content

When I update all orders it doesn’t refresh content or the last few sales into the Ready To Ship area.

Anyone else having this issue?

Using GarageSale 7.0.20 (856).

Have they finally stopped GS 7 from working?

edit: it magically started to work now after 2-3 days down. Maybe this did it. lol

I triggered it to leave feedback on all the listings that were under Leave Feedback and after that it started to work again. :hugs:

Ok, its not updating the sold items or pending to ship again.

It’s a rather strange problem that just starts and goes away.

Activity Viewer shows it connects, downloads but the GS app doesn’t process the info I guess.

My guess would be the terribly old GS 7 version. They are pepping the release of GS 9 so 7 is quite old and ebay makes authorization changes all the time.

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Yea, its definitely time to upgrade plus I want to help out iwascoding.

Love the program and I do need to upgrade, just need to get my files in order for the upgrade.

Been putting it off and now I need to work on this upgrade.

I do remember they said GS 7 will start to break apart in 2022.

eBay told us they were going to shutdown some of the attribute APIs currently used by GS7 and GS8 at the end of January. Seems you got lucky, because we have not received an breakage reports so far.

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Thanks Ilja.

Its not a matter of money, I will gladly upgrade to the newest GS as I think you guys have a fantastic app. Its long over due for me to do this and been putting it off waaay too long!

It’s just that I’m concerned about the upgrade and possibly losing my database so I’m carefully now backing up everything for the upcoming upgrade just in case.

I’m still able to list and revise fine with GS7 but where its ‘breaking’ up now is on grabbing the info from Update All Orders and GS7 displaying all the info from new sales. It connects fine and looks like it downloads the info but GS7 doesn’t process it. I’m sure it’s on their side not GS. Something broke along the way and again I think its them starting to pull the plug on GS7 perhaps.

Will upgrade later this month. Thanks Ilja!

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